H Project Logo

"The H Project shops present products which may be extraordinary in a number of ways.
Perhaps it is the artisanal method with which they are made, the unique materials used, or the way they might celebrate a culture."


- Alexandra Weston, Director, Brand & Creative Strategy

In May 2013, Holt Renfrew launched H Project — a specialty department of extraordinary products with extraordinary stories. Standing for Humanity, Health and Habitat here at Holts, H Project evolved out of our charitable designer collaboration program as our way to start giving back both locally and abroad. Curated from around the world, H Project’s products are all socially responsible by way of where they are made, by whom, with what materials, and how they give back.


We continue to support and grow the success of H Project by annually partnering with designers to journey through different regions of the world with our Uncrate a Culture program. With a focus on cultures that rely heavily on traditional craftsmanship as a form of livelihood, one season a year H Project departments across Canada transform into Uncrate a Culture boutiques. These boutiques bring to life the chosen continent’s cultures, crafts, and artisans through a spectacular capsule collection of socially responsible fashion, accessories, homewares and cosmetics.


The height of luxury is to have a well-made, beautiful product where you know exactly who touched it, how many hands, their stories, and what materials were used — H Project gives you that insight.