Founded by three friends in Toronto, Kotn takes a “farm to table” approach to cool, everyday essentials. With an ethical philosophy, they work with family-owned farms in Egypt to produce high-quality pieces—with a streetwear twist—all in organic cotton. Now, for Canada’s 150th, the brand has teamed up with H Project and the Nature Conservancy of Canada to bring their philosophy home, and salute our country’s natural, yet endangered wonders.

With the NCC’s new Nature Destinations program in mind, Kotn crafted an exclusive collection of patriotic sweatshirts, t-shirts and patch packs—available exclusively at H Project. Words like ‘True North’ play off the NCC’s “find your true north” slogan, while the ‘Outsider’ pieces refer to the program’s call to get out there, and explore Canada’s wilderness. The collection of patches, inspired by the ecosystems protected by the NCC, provide ways to customize your Kotn exclusives—or anything else in your wardrobe.

KOTN True North sweatshirt. $85. KOTN Get Outside crew t-shirt. $40.
Available in H Project’s Uncrate Canada shop at 50 Bloor, Yorkdale, Calgary and Vancouver stores.

With proceeds from each sale going to the NCC to support our country’s endangered ecosystems, the collection is the perfect way to celebrate Canada’s 150th, and as they say, wear your pride on your sleeve.

“The NCC is a charity, so being able to develop innovative collaborations really helps us reach a different audience. It supports the work we’re doing from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.”
– Erica Thompson, Senior National Director, NCC


“For Canada’s anniversary we wanted to promote what the NCC is doing and open it up to a new audience. T-shirts and sweatshirts are the things you wear when hiking or going to the cabin — so it speaks to both.”
– Mackenzie Yeates, Co-Founder KOTN

“Kotn is about focusing on beautiful ordinary moments — and those things so often happen in nature. We talk about things like losing your breath to a cold lake. Spending time outdoors is something that contributes to a great quality of life.”
– Mackenzie Yeates, Co-Founder KOTN


“The common thread that people share about their motivations for being engaged in conservation is personal memories. Memories of going to a cabin as a child or being taught how to fish. Those experiences define how people live with the natural world.”
– Erica Thompson, Senior National Director, NCC

“For us, the outdoors are core to Canadian identity. It represents Canada the way we see it, which is cool and forward and connected with nature.”
– Mackenzie Yeates, Co-Founder KOTN


“Whether it’s health, spiritual, stress and anxiety reduction, there is personal significance to spending time outdoors.”
– Erica Thompson, Senior National Director, NCC