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Online Shopping Terms and Conditions


All online orders and purchases made through this Website are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. These Online Purchase Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without prior notice. Your purchase of Holt Renfrew products through this Website constitutes acceptance of these Online Shopping Terms and Conditions.

In order to make a purchase on this Website you must be the age of majority in your province or territory of residence. All prices listed are in Canadian currency and all charges will be processed in Canadian currency. Holt Renfrew reserves the right to limit the quantities of certain products which you can purchase through the Website and some items may be unavailable for purchase. All prices listed on this Website are subject to confirmation. Holt Renfrew may cancel orders and refund customers' money because of pricing errors (or for any reason). Orders cannot be shipped to addresses outside Canada and freight forwarding addresses are not accepted. Shipping windows are estimates and delivery times are not guaranteed as orders may experience unexpected delays. Holt Renfrew will not be responsible for any delays in delivery which are beyond its control.

Merchandise purchased through this Website may not be purchased or used for any purpose that is unlawful, misleading or deceptive. Orders which circumvent or abuse shipping thresholds, available complimentary shipping promotions or any other promotional offers may be refused or cancelled at Holt Renfrew's sole option. For security reasons and to prevent fraud, orders for products placed through this Website will only be accepted by Holt Renfrew if the name and address to which the card is to be billed corresponds to the name and address that is registered with the purchaser’s credit card provider. If the information does not correspond, your order may be declined by Holt Renfrew even though the transaction may have been pre-authorized by your financial institution. If this happens, the dollar amount of the order may not be available to you for other use until it is credited back to your account, which may take between three to five business business days. Holt Renfrew may in its sole discretion, and without any liability, restrict or terminate your access to this Website at any time without prior notice.

Gift cards may be used only as authorized by Holt Renfrew, and shall not otherwise be resold, distributed, or dealt with in any manner without the prior written consent of Holt Renfrew. All gift cards are the property of Holt Renfrew. Gift cards do not expire and there is no use fee. Gifts cards are not redeemable for cash or other credit. To report your gift card as lost or stolen, please go to any Holt Renfrew store in person. Please be aware that gift cards are akin to cash and Holt Renfrew may not always be able to issue replacements for lost or stolen gift cards.

Date of Last Update: February 9, 2016