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Red Collection Prestige Make-Up Set

Item No. 4310732583
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    This set includes five iconic Le Rouge lipsticks accompanied by five matching nail polishes.

    • How To Apply Lipstick: Begin by defining the contours of the lips with a lip liner. Using your fingertip, gently blur the liner towards the inside of the lips, then fill in with Le Rouge from the center, working outwards.
    • How To Apply Nail Polish: Apply in long sweeping strokes beginning in the center of the nail then moving to the sides. Allow sufficient drying time (about five minutes) between coats for best results.
    • Lipstick Shades Include: 205 - Fuchsia Irresistible, 304 - Mandarine Bolero, 306 - Carmin Escarpin, 307 - Grenat Initie, 315 - Framboise Velours.
    • Nail Polish Shades Include: 5 - Fuchsia Irresistible, 10 - Mandarine Bolero, 9 - Carmin Escarpin, 8 - Grenat Initie, 6 - Framboise Velours.
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