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Healthy Light Creator Oil Revitalizing - Brightening - Nourishing

Item No. 4310170701
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Bring your most beautiful light to life. LE BLANC Huile Healthy Light Creator is a 3-in-1 brightening facial oil that boosts skin's natural luminosity, allowing it to blossom and grow. It acts on 3 major aspects of skin's appearance to revitalize and brighten the skin while restoring skin's moisture barrier. Formulated with precious ume flower extract and ume flower oil, it works holistically with skin's natural functioning to boost its luminous vitality. Quickly absorbed, this ultra-light oil leaves a satiny-smooth finish on the skin for a lasting sensation of comfort. Intensely nourished and hydrated, skin looks bright, translucent, supple and smooth. The complexion bursts with a healthy, pure light.

    • How to Use: In the evening, apply a small amount to face and neck after LE BLANC Lotion, avoiding the eye contour, then follow with LE BLANC Sérum. LE BLANC Huile may also be used in the morning, depending on skin needs and season.
    • 50 ml.
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