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Eyeshadow Smudge Brush

Item No. 4308787581
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Achieve makeup artist results at home with the Eyeshadow Smudge Brush from Sisley. Its double-sided and angled shape is expertly designed for sculpting the eye area with perfect simplicity. Its straight and wavy synthetic bristles were carefully selected for their softness and shape to precisely apply colour and to shade and blend them with ease. Its function conveniently labeled on the handle for easy identification.

    • How to Use: With the flat side of the brush, apply light eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. With the tip, apply a darker eyeshadow in the hollow of the eyelid. The brush is perfect for blending.
    • Care Instructions: Clean regularly with a mild soap or shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze without twisting and leave flat to air dry.
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